We've worked with Visa Canada to provide TonerDirect.ca customers with more information about the Verified by Visa® service.

What is Verified by Visa?
Verified by Visa is a global Visa program designed to help make shopping online even more secure for cardholders by protecting against unauthorized use of your Visa® card.
How does Verified by Visa work?
When you sign up for Verified by Visa, you choose a personal password on your card issuer's website. This password is then used by your card issuer to confirm your authenticity during the checkout process when shopping online. It's that simple.
How much does Verified by Visa cost?
Nothing. Verified by Visa is absolutely free for Visa cardholders.
Do I need a new card to use Verified by Visa?
No. Verified by Visa? works with your existing Visa personal card (Corporate and business cards are excluded.)
How do I sign up for Verified by Visa?
It's very simple:
- visit your card issuer's website and sign up there
Can I get more information on Verified by Visa?
Yes: Just visit the visa.ca website for more information.
Should I sign up for Verified by Visa?
We encourage all Visa cardholders to sign up for their personal Verified by Visa password but it is not a requirement. ®Registered Trademarks of Visa International Service Association; Visa Canada is a licensed user.
Can I use any credit cards online?
Of course: we accept most credit cards issued in Canada and the United States for payment.